Wednesday, April 26 

11:00 am – Registration Opens
1:00 pm – 4:30 pm – Small Owners Session

Join our specialized fast-pace and information-packed session for owners with 5 facilities or less.

“The Pros and Cons of Live and On-Line Auctions” John Cardoza of Storage Auction Experts, for this informative session intended to help owners understand the differences between the live versus online self-storage auctions.

• What is the best type of auction for your storage facility?
• What about the liabilities in having a live versus on-line storage auctions?
• What happens in the case where a storage unit is sold in error?
• Is there a difference in bidding with on-line versus live auctions?
• When is the ownership of the unit transferred from the storage facility to buyer with on-line versus live auctions?
• What are the advantages of on-line versus live auctions when reconciling payment after the auction?”

“Auditing Your Self Storage Property” Carol Krendl of Skilcheck, The auditing process can assist the owner, supervisor and store employees improve the profitability of the asset as well as ascertaining the following:

• To help prevent and detect fraud
• Determine compliance with company policies
• Improving economic occupancy ratio
• Discover compliance irregularities with lien sale procedures
• Raise store employees understanding of the policies, procedures and operational standards.

“What to expect from your property management team” Jeff Shouse of Colliers Valuation, Walks owners through the expectations they should consider when working with their property management company. Discussion items include the following:

• Establishing a brand
• Daily involvement
• Effect on the bottom line
• And more!

“Delegating Your Way Out of Overwhelm” Richard Magrid of Soundboard Consulting Group
The modern manager is drowning in a culture that rewards immediate response to even the most trivial of tasks, oftentimes creating a false sense of urgency and prioritization. In this state of overwhelm it may seem easier for the most skilled to continue to manage and produce most of the workload, despite the immense damage exclusion or “task dumping” has on the team’s collective growth and productivity. When leadership can effectively delegate they create an organization that is efficient, profitable and prizes employee development. Delegation starts with building a competent and reliable team and ends with a system of tracking and reporting. In this presentation, you will learn a seven-step process for effective delegation.


Come celebrate with us!

Enjoy a chance to network and drink with the best of them during our opening night reception!. All attendees are encouraged to join us and enjoy world famous Hog Island oysters on the half-shell.

This year we are welcoming the Return of the Self Storage Olympics benefiting Kure it! Kure It is looking for sponsors and participants. Click below for more information.

Thursday, April 27 

7:00 am: Registration Opens
7:30 am – 8:30 am: Breakfast will be served 
8:30 am – 11:45 am: Morning Session

“Managing Cyber & Privacy Liability Risk in Today’s Environment” Mike Gong of Arthur J. Gallagher, Discusses the risk exposures associated to Cyber & Network Security Liability for self storage operators, and breakdown what costs and reputational expense an operator may incur due to a data breach. We will also discuss how operators can mitigate risk through a Cyber Liability Insurance policy and the general coverages that are included these policies.

Keynote Speaker, Peter Burow – President of NeuroPower

“Can your business afford to turn customers away?” Customers expect a smooth, seamless online experience – or they go elsewhere and may never return:
In the last five years, behavioral economics and neuroscience have fundamentally changed what we know about the human brain and how people make decisions in an increasingly complex environment.

Digital technology has changed the rules of marketing to both existing and prospective customers. The emergence of technology allows us to identify today’s customers, and allows sophisticated marketers to instantaneously generate website pages tailored to the person viewing them.

Converting the ideal customer into a lead, closing the sale and delighting the customer represents both complicated and complex processes. As a leading behavioral strategist, Mr. Burow will share how to bring simplicity to the complexity of human behavior by employing a combination of technology, psychology, neuroscience and behavioral economics.

“Raising the Bar on Accountability” Richard Magrid of Soundboard Consulting Group

Every manager is challenged with raising the bar on accountability. Historically there were two primary methods of fostering a stronger sense of commitment to outcomes; reward and punishment (the carrot & the stick). In the current world where “everything’s urgent”, emails are the primary communication tool, employees are more remote and there is enhanced fear of conflict, it is important to tie accountability to other factors. This is especially true with the younger generation of employees. We need to tie agreements to purpose (set context), align actions with core values and understand the underlying motivations of our team members. Yes, this makes managing more difficult. But when we start to adjust to the current reality we will see accountability rise and productivity accelerate. This session will focus on this important shift in the accountability strategy.

11:45 am – 1:00 pm: Lunch Break
1:00 am – 4:30 am: Afternoon Session
Welcome back! Our afternoon session will be just as informative as our morning session, so don’t miss out

Keynote Speaker, John Chang – 2017 Self Storage Outlook: Strategic recalibration in a maturing cycle

“CA Labor Law: The questions that keep employers up at night” Mary Bradford Of The California Employers Association

“Valet Storage, what’s really going on out there?”Jeff Shouse of Colliers Valuation

• Positives and Negatives of Valet Storage
• Tracking and Security
• Organization
• Cost and Accessibility

California Self Storage Association: Update


After a day packed with information, join us for networking, delicious appetizers and the Self Storage Olympic finals! Cheer on finalists from Wednesday nights Olympic games as they fight for bragging rights to the Kure It 2017 Championship!

Friday, April 28, 2017

8:30 am – 9:30 am: Coffee & Networking
Help yourself to breakfast and some last minute networking as we wrap up and say our goodbyes.

Friday morning offers members a continental breakfast and plenty of space to network with others prior to their departure. The rest of the day is open, take advantage of the spectacular grounds of The Silverado Resort which includes both a golf course and a spa. If you are interested in visiting a winery you are in the right place. Our hotel is located close to a number of phenomenal wineries. The hotel staff can help you with winery and transportation information.